Two and a half months – that’s how long we had to wait before announcing our active year’s first ordinary sits party of the year, and in ways our most significant event to date. The sits party was the first one that we were single-handedly responsible for organizing from start to finish, as there was no pre-set theme or event that we had to cater to. After lengthy discussion we decided we couldn’t go wrong with a contemporary theme and chose to invite you to join us in celebrating the Euro Crisis with Spain, Italy and Greece!
The timing of the party was somewhat challenging as it was preceded by NESU’s Spring Conference, and so some of the potential guests had decided to take a much needed breather rather than keep feasting. However, plenty of people showed up to witness the debut of our three new toastmasters, Krista Naumanen, Katariina Karttunen and Aleksi Halttunen (aka Lionel Massi). Those who made it saw the trio control the basement like veterans after getting off the ground.
Sponsored by HEKO & SEFE
All in all, we were very satisfied with the outcome. The party was moderately sized on our scale but despite that (or perhaps because of that?) spirits remained high and pre- and post-party clean ups went swiftly, as it was clear that preparations were becoming routine procedure to our active year. However, these routines will soon be put to the test, as May is sure to bring along numerous events with more challenges to step up to.
Thanks to everyone who took part in deepening the Euro Crisis and we hope to see you in equally high spirits in May! As always, we’ve got big plans, so get ready to go big or go home!
Text: Juho Paavola & Liisa Helle
Pictures: Julia Hämäläinen, Roni Saroniemi, Viljami Väisänen
*NESU-KY ‘013*