HERE: KY’s anniversary -sitsiparty

NESU-KY celebrated KY’s 103rd birthday by throwing the annual ball sitsiparty. Straying from tradition, however, this year’s sitsiparty was held at the elegant G18 ballroom where the jubilant KY students honored the school’s turning of years, and began to awaken their party spirits for Saturday’s main event. The dress code followed along the fancy line of the annual ball: the ladies in their dazzling LBDs were accompanied by young men suited up for the evening.

Upon arrival each guest was treated to a glass of sparkling wine, followed by an extravagant three course menu. NESU-KY ‘14 served an insalata caprese paired with a white wine for an appetizer, soon to be followed by the main course made up of a mouth watering kassler with a side of a potato and root vegetable casserole. The guests’ thirst was now quenced by an accompanying red wine. The meal was finished off with a piece of a white chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

Although NESU KY ‘14 added a twist to the traditional sitsiparty with the venue and fare, the entertainment of the evening progressed according to form. The imagination used for picking the toasts became obvious as the guests witnessed chairman of NESU-KY Joona Orpana, chairwoman of KUJ Rosa Nylén, chairwoman of KY ry Essi Myllymäki, and chairman of KY foundation Miro Hemanus rise up on stage. The entertainment was plenty, and varied from musical to acrobatic performances as each NESU year presented their own proggis for the rest to enjoy, hopefully. NESU KY ‘14 wishes a special thank you to ‘013 for the bag of peas provided.

As the sitsiparty ended, the guests moved the party from G18 to Apollo where the Kylteri students continued to celebrate accordingly. Thanks to all attendees for an unforgettable evening, and HAPPY 103rd BIRTHDAY KY!