Cheers from sunny Helsinki!

The semester is over and NESU-HEBS is enjoying the summer holidays! Many of us are already scattered to all kinds of adventures all over the world, so we decided to meet online over cool drinks and fun games.

On we’re guessing what words our drawings represent. We’ve included an example below, can you guess the word?

For the last year and a half, the COVID-pandemic has prevented us from organizing regular live events along with everyone one else. The situation for our freshman students has been the most unfortunate as it is tough to make new friends and create group spirit over Zoom calls. In spite of a challenging academic year, we’re eagerly awaiting the fall semester!

We’re excited to welcome the new students, begin to organize live events again and connect with our partner organizations. Furthermore, we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of EBS Helsinki! Many anniversary-themed events are planned and to crown it all we’re looking forward to the opening of our new campus on Mechelininkatu 3 C at the start of the academic year in the fall!

Best wishes,
NESU-HEBS 2021 team