Lasting moments #1 Salla, Oskari & Tuomas

The year has flown by incredibly quickly. However, there’s countless amazing moments and events to look back to. My favorite ones must be the very beginning at the Kesämöksä as well as the amazing Spring Conference in Turku.

During the grill at the country meeting we were asked how many sits parties we would attend during our year in the board. I replied with 30, but later got worried if it’s even doable. I just did some calculations and I’m proud to say that I went to no less than 30 sits after all during the year.

One of the best things about the year has been simply to see all the smiley faces at every event. It’s been heart-warming to witness when new people get excited about what NESU has to offer.

As Communications Coordinator I’ve supported the NESU cities’ CC’s, created content for our social medias, kept our member registry up to date and sent out invitations for country meetings. I’ve also worked closely with my lovely board members to make NESU even better than it already was.

I can warmly recommend applying to the board, it has been a great experience. You’re guaranteed to gain new friends and memories. Thanks for reading and see you at the Kesämöksä and again in the fall’s shindigs. ❤
~ Salla

It feels a bit surreal to think that the year on the board of NESU Finland is coming to an end. Feelings are really mixed to say the least. There is no denying, it feels a bit plaintive knowing that it is time to step aside soon. Yet, I feel blessed and extremely grateful for all the moments and people I got to experience and meet during the past year. Especially the people, without a doubt, is the thing that makes NESU so important and dear to me. All the sits, rundis and conferences would be nothing without this huge family we have and I stay forever grateful to all of you for being part of this past amazing year!

Now the time is getting close for the new NESU Finland board to be elected and I couldn’t be more excited to see who all are applying. I am already counting days for the kesämöksä and thankfully it is not too far away anymore.

For the past year I have acted on the board of NESU Finland as the corporate relations manager. I have been in charge of our relations with other companies to make our events even more memorable. A lot of the work was around finding the sponsors for both rundis. We were able to make many good deals with companies providing free stuff to hand out to all the participants. One other big thing we did this year was the new drop of the glorious NESU bathrobes (who wouldn’t want to own one?!). Overall the year has taught me a lot that that will be really useful in the future.

I highly recommend applying for the next board of NESU Finland, good and amazing memories are guaranteed! See you soon at kesämöksä!

– Oskari

The year is almost over and what a year it has been. 19 sitz-parties, my first time in Estonia (not first sitz party in Estonia but yes, also that), the NESU 35-75 -ball and my first live conference. Hundreds of songs, wonderful people, and more hours on the train than I care to count. Overall, the year has been a blast.

As webmaster I’ve had the privilege to work with all of the various NESU cities for the blog series this year, and I’ve spent a lot of time finding old passwords, emails and even find the account for the NESU Conference site. I suggest you take a look at it, now that the 2023 autumn conference has updated it to their new look, which is rather cool. I’ve also had the misfortune of having to change a lot of things on the website, since it sort of crashed in autumn.

The best part of the entire year has been all the people I’ve met, sitz’ed, toasted and spent time with this year in NESU. As I was taught way back in my first year of Uni “NESU it the best time of your life” and this year has been one of the best. Thankfully, I don’t have to stop living my best NESUit life, just because my year is ending soon.

See you all somewhere in Europe,