Lasting moments #2 Akseli, Juho & Miro

As cliché as it is to say, I feel like this year has flown by in the blink of an eye. I still remember the country meeting of last year’s Kesämöksä like it was last week and it feels like our first sitz proggis as the new board of NESU Finland was yesterday. And what a year it has been, full of amazing sitzparties, conferences and of course people.

As treasurer I feel like my role in the board has been mostly a supporting one, and I have mostly been making sure the bills are paid in time as well as focusing on enjoying sitzparties and spreading the word of NESU around. I feel like I have succesfully done so, and thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process.

As we’re wrapping up our last responsibilities for the year, I feel somewhat sentimental but mostly happy and blessed to have worked with such amazing people. I think I have hyped it up enough, but lastly I would just straight up suggest everyone who is at least slightly interested in applying to the board to give it a shot. At worst, you learn valuable experience from stepping out of your comfort zone. At best, you get to spend a year with amazing people doing amazing things and earn lifelong frienships and wondeful memories.

That being said, Akseli out!

Well, it is for sure a weird feeling knowing that this year as the chair of the board is coming to an end and so is my continuous involvement in the finski board since September ’21. This year has been amazing and I have loved every second of working with my incredible board and hanging out with all you dear friends, old and new <3. Even though it is soon time to step aside from the board I don’t feel completely without purpose as I am fortunate enough to still be working as a part of the Iceland excursion team and as one of the head organizers of the upcoming Joensuu-Jyväskylä Conference next spring.

As the chair of the board and the country representative I have held a few meetings for NESU Finland and quite a few more for the board of said organization. On top of that I have been actively co-operating and communicating with the president and the country rep of NESU Estonia to further NESUs agenda throughout the nordics and trying to increase our presence in the less active nordic countries. Working as the link between the excursion team and NESU Finland has also tied into that very nicely and I can’t wait to see how we are going to be able to grow our overall operations in the future. Alongside these things there has obviously been a whole lot of representing (read: going to sitsparties, conferences and all that) and keeping the ship of the finskiboard tight and active.

I am anxiously waiting to see and hear of all the great applicants we are hopefully getting for the next board year and for my part I can say that if my two years in the board have taught me anything it’s that you can never go wrong with applying to be a part of this amazing board so I fully recommend the ones of you kind of on the fence to hop on the better side of it. Hope to see all your beautiful faces at the kesämöksä and luckily it is not that that far away anymore.

I sort of promise this is my last blog post here, probably. It’s time to let the newer faces become the older faces. Over and out! 👉🏽😎👉🏽

– Miro

All good things come to an end, as the famous saying goes. During my time as a board member of NESU Finland, I have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun events, and I have also met a variety of wonderful people. I was particularly glad to be able to organize the Rundi’s for you, a success that is due to all of you!

Having had the opportunity to spend the past year with wonderful board colleagues is something that I will remember fondly for a long time to come, and I am thankful for that. I got to organize two great Rundi’s for you, during which it was great to see how our NESU network works together and is flexible so that we can organize events like this! When you work with people who are genuinely motivated, it’s always a pleasure. They always help get things done and make it easier for the process to go smoothly.

I hope I’m able to make it to the Kesämöksä and see when the new board is elected for this great job. The opportunity to be involved has been an honor, and I will definitely miss this year.

If you’ve even considered applying to Finski’s board, drop your application in because I promise you won’t regret your decision!

– Juho