Something old, something new: NESU-JKL

Hello, and greetings from Jyväskylä!

This fall semester is slowly coming to its end and now it’s time to look back at the fall of 2022 and see what we did and also take a moment to glance in to the future.

Our semester started in late August during the freshmen weeks, where we introduced freshmen to our organization. We also hosted our own NESUmpics event during the first week. The event went well and it was great to see representation from multiple NESU-cities.

This autumn we organized two sitzparties and a trip to Tampere by a bus to visit NESU-Boomi. Also this fall our ulkkari-activity has been higher than ever before with multiple attendees in almost every NESU-city. Even freshmen showed a lot of interest, which was a pleasure to see! We also had a good representation in both Itä-Suomen Rundi and in Semma. Following the theme from our spring semester’s Suomipop-sitz, we hosted our first sitzparty of the fall semester, Suomi-TV sitz. Our second sitz was a sitzparty where you got to bring a friend with you, which has become a bit of a tradition by now.

Two weeks ago we also elected a new board for the upcoming year. We had great candidates and we are certain that the future of NESU-Jyväskylä is in good hands. There are rumours in the streets of Jyväskylä that many students have been bitten by a NESU-kärpänen this fall and that NESU-spirit is on a higher level than it has ever been!

What is happening next in NESU-JKL, you may ask? Well, in January of 2023 we will be organizing the annual NESU-Dagen, after a few year long pause due to some pandemic going on or whatever. We hope to see many of you there!

But for now, we focus on relaxing, unwinding and loosening up and also we will be waiting with great anticipation on what our next board will bring to us during the upcoming year.

NESU-Jyväskylä would like to wish everyone glörgi-filled holidays and a wonderful new year!

For the final time,