Something old, something new: NESU-PORKY

Merry christmas, and greetings from NESU-Porky!

Before the turn of the year it is a great time to sit back for a while and look what happened in Pori during 2022 as well as what is coming in the future. Our year has been a memorable one, and we will go to 2023 with lots of wonderful memories from this year. During the year, we were able to organize all together five sitz parties. We also attended few other student events in Pori and spread the joy of NESU there. In addition, at the end of the spring we got the honor to organize the final event for the Biz Potential 2022, which was held in Pori, together with Suomen Ekonomit.

All of the sitz parties have been successful, and we surely have had plenty of fun this year. During the year we have been especially flattered by the fact that we have had so many participants from other NESU cities at our sitz parties. We want to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the other NESU cities for this. It has been a blast to get to know all of you <3 We also hope that this will continue next year as well.

We asked NESU-Porky’s new board what could be “something new” for this post and what will be the new year will bring. The answer was pretty simple: “Our something new will be ulkkarointi, ulkkarointi, ulkkarointi”. In other words, the new board wants to activate our members and get rid of the image that we never attend any NESU events except our own 😄. The new board already has some plans for encouraging our members to attend sitz parties in other cities. The new board itself also aims to actively participate in different NESU events around Finland. In addition, the intention is of course also to organize unforgettable sitz parties in Pori.

Happy holidays and a wonderful new year!


NESU-Porky ’22