Stories About NESU – Part 4

It’s hard to summarize everything NESU means to me and all the crazy, awesome and weird adventures it has pulled me into, but if you have a few minutes, I’ll try to tell you a little bit of how I found NESU!

The best thing in being a part of NESU are all the people you get to meet from all around Finland and the Nordic Countries! In only one year I have been lucky enough to get to know amazing people with different backgrounds and stages of studies, including my fellow board members. From and with these people I have learned and experienced so much, now eagering to learn even more.

My first touch to this wonderful organization was a little over a year ago at our 2017 Harkkasitsit in Oulu. I was lucky enough to be placed to sit amongst one of our NESU actives, who then became one of my best friends, and a wonderful, bit crazy, woman from NESU-Boomi. They with their personalities convinced me to join different NESU activities. From that day forward I have thought that I have found a bunch of people sharing the same need in life–as one might call it.

The best trip, and the strongest memory of belonging I have from NESU is the Wappurundi of 2018. It was the first time I joined this annual bus ride,  but certainly not the last! I already knew a few people attending it, but because of the strong representation  from NESU-Finanssi, I decided to apply as well. — One of the best decisions in my life! Without any doubt, I can say that I made some life-long friends. Friends who study hundreds of kilometers from Oulu, but who I could call any time, day or night, just to have a chat or pour my heart out. Friends who share the same memories from a different point of view. Friends who have my back and to whom I’m too a shoulder to rely on.

In my opinion, the most valuable things in life are the memories you make with people who share the same interests and values in life as you do. They are the memories and times we long for after a few decades. That is what NESU and NESUits are to me, networking as its best!


As the last member of the board ’18-’19 sharing my story, I encourage you to tell us what NESU means to you and how it has maybe changed your life! Please contact me or the other board members to share your stories about NESU. Hopefully we receive dozens of stories 🙂

With love,

Tia Rahkila
Communications Coordinator
NESU Finland ’18-’19