Tallinn Conference

Where: Tallinn & Tartu, Estonia When: March 3rd – 10th, 2013





 onference of the spring 2012 will be held in Estonia.  The next NESU Conference will for the first time be taken over by the adventurous and courageous team also known as NESU Tallinn. The event will take place in Tallinn, Estonia and the theme of the conference accordingly to its nature is ”Penetrating New Markets.” During the week the theme will be tackled and analyzed from several different viewpoints on lectures, workshops and company visits.

The NESU Spring Conference 2013 will be a one-week-long event all about combining the core of your studies, academic, social and business activities into a bomb of knowledge. Moreover, with also the mind-blowing free-time activities, the conference will definitely be an unforgettable package crammed up with experiences!

By participating in this conference you will be making NESU-history: this is the FIRST time ever the NESU Conference will take place in its totality in Estonia – and Estonia only!

The application period  is open from 20.12.2012 until 20.1.2013

For more details see:
Conference homepage – http://www.nesuconference.com/
Facebook event – http://www.facebook.com/events/519763184708086/

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