The Rebirth of NESU Sweden

NESU Sweden’s new logo designed by NESU Finland’s Iida 🙂

Greetings from Stockholm, Sverige!

As you may guess from the title, some exciting things are happening for NESU here in Sweden, but let’s first begin on how this has come to be.

Iceland Excursion

Group photo of all participants of the Iceland Excursion 2023 at Gullfoss, spot us!

Sweden made a big appearance for the first time in many years at this year’s Excu in Iceland, there were five of us! To be honest, I was quite nervous before the flight as it was my first NESU event, I didn’t know anyone, and I noticed a lot of Finnish numbers on the WhatsApp group. To my surprise, everyone was so friendly and really strict on only speaking English which made it such a welcoming environment for us Swedish, Icelandic, and Norwegian attendees.

During our stay in Reykjavik, we visited Landsbankinn, Icelandair, and Nasdaq. Then we also got a visit from Hult Business School where we played a pub quiz where the winners got an invitation to London! We were so lucky to see the Northern Lights as well. The following Saturday, we took a tour of the Golden Circle where we got to see Geysers erupt, the roaring Gullfoss Waterfall, and beautiful Þingvellir (where they filmed some scenes of Game of Thrones). The views were breathtaking.

The evening was spent at an exciting Playa Des Islandia sits party followed by clubbing. We had an insane amount of fun and made memories for a lifetime. On the last day, we took a relaxing swim in the Sky Lagoon before saying our farewells.

Following the Excu, everyone experienced a little Excu depression. I really enjoyed my time among NESUits, so without hesitation, I applied and got accepted as a participant for the NESU Autumn Conference.

Autumn Conference in Tampere

This Autumn, the NESU Conference was held in Tampere. It was my first time in Finland so I was once again nervous, but not as much because I was so excited to see my friends again and meet more NESUits!

The first night, we had the cabin sits party in the middle of the Finnish forests, followed by a sauna! Unfortunately, we were clueless to the events that would follow the next morning as we found out our bus caught on fire and the replacement bus drove into a ditch. Thankfully, we eventually made it back to Tampere and the week was spent doing cases with Suomen Ekonomit, Lenz, Hult Business School, and Easy Energy.

That Friday we had an epic Barbie sits party where I got to see some of the old Boomi friends I made in Iceland, meet more NESU-Boomi members, and do a proggis with NESU Finland’s board. On Saturday we had the Gala where I learned what surface level excitement means the fun way. Then, the next day we had a farewell brunch where we giggled and groaned about the Gala night before saying our goodbyes.

Mini NESU Sweden History

Most of us know that NESU was formed in Sweden, but sadly it’s activities dropped in the late 90s. But thanks to my lovely experiences at NESU and the amazing NESUits I’ve met, I’ve decided to change that. So with the help of the presidents, we will be planning ways to get more participation from Sweden, as well as having exciting events in Sweden. So if you’re on Instagram, give NESU Sweden (@nesusweden) a little follow so we can spread the spirit of NESU, and who knows, maybe the next sits party you’re at you’ll hear “She’s a lady from Sweden…” 😉

Med vänlig hälsningar,

NESU Sweden