Vappu Tour: Nesuits’ Ultimate Road Trip

April 29, 2013By NESU FinlandBlog

For a student, vappu is even bigger a deal than Christmas. For a Nesuit, it stretches to the next level from that. Many people start their vappu now, but NESU-vappu has been fully on for a week now. Our vappu started with the traditional Vappu Tour on April 22nd – 24th.

The three dayer took off with KY’s staggering sitsi party that filled Alakertsi with good mood, thirsty Nesuits and beautiful-voiced toastmasters. The crowd was even entertained by a live band from KY-Speksi, and the after party went on till the next morning.

On Tuesday it was time to head off to Tampere with our blue-colored party bus. Our awesome bus driver Asko was a real joker and told us to try to have fun even though we were in Tampere, but as it turned out his concern was unnecessary: Tampere as well did a great job with their traditional Manse-style sitsi party. The food was good this time too! Everybody likes black sausage, right?

The next day on the way to the grande finale of Vaasa, our brave Nesuits showed no signs of sitsi fatigue. Actually, the party in the bus was at its noisiest on the last leg of our trip. It might have had something to do with our driver Asko offering the passengers a round before stopping by Koskenkorva factories to drink some of that legendary liquid and fool around.

The Tour had an ending it deserved, as Vaasa didn’t let the audience down. The Children’s Party sits at Fontana was decorated with video walls showing e.g. Pokémon clips (that made everyone go crazy), and MC’d by great toastmasters who really had put their hands in the mud when planning their set.

Now, after a few peaceful days (or not?), it is time to pick up the pace even more and start the last push. Have an awesome Vappu everybody!


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