Hälsningar from NESU-SSHV!
Our year kicked off at NESU-Dagen 2023, where we were proudly representing the Swedish speaking community, as the only Swedish business School and Nesu organization that made it to Jyväskylä! The spring has gone fast, but luckily we had the chance to participate in the Casino-Sitsit from Porky.
Thinking about our vision, something that we really would aim towards is building stronger knowledge about NESU organizations at Hanken i Vasa, as sadly for some reason many students are not aware of what opportunities the NESU network offers…
This weekend we are heading to Vaskiluoto, where the legendary Wykypäivät are held. We have the honour to hold a point during the “rastirata” and will offer a little more extraordinary task, maybe you readers will hear about it in the future…After that some of us will head to tropiclandia and some to PAMPAS-nationaldag.
We are right now also working hard on planning our VIP-sits that we are hosting at the end of April! We are hyped for our sits and hope for attendees from our neighbouring NESU organization NESU-Waasa as well! During Vappu we usually also offer some kind of event, but we will see what the spring does still bring us.
Kind regards and see you around Finland, hopefully soon 😊