Greetings from Lappeenranta! Our year has started very well and our new board has been enthusiastic. At the beginning of the year, we almost got our entire board to Dagen in Jyväskylä. Now, many of Enklaavi’s members are going to Turku’s Semma. During the spring we have organized two sitz parties. We had “Four season -sitz” in January which went well, and we also got many participants from other cities. In March we organized our second sitz and the theme was family. The sitz were successful and we got Kellari full of Enklaavi’s and their family members, friends, and of course lots of ulkkarit. Our official sitz parties are over for this spring, but in April we will organize “Kylteri” -sitz for Teekkarit and we will also host two 42-minute mini sitzs at Marathon Monday which is the biggest event in Lappeenranta.

So, what are our visions for this year? Of course, we will organize several different sitz parties for example for freshmen, anniversary party -sitz, and definitely PTPJ -sitz that have become NESU-Enklaavi’s tradition.

Here in Lappeenranta, we’re in a technology emphatic university, so we strive to maintain “Kylteri” culture here. For example we organized sewing evening to Enklaavi’s members and specially our freshmen who just got their overalls. In addition to the sitz parties, we will organize other events where there is a low threshold to participate.

Our board will also try get even more new members to NESU activity here and in other cities. We are going to raise awareness about “ulkkarointi” and other NESU’s events. We try to keep the threshold as low as possible for new people to join NESU activity. In the fall we are going to freshman weeks and we organized freshman -sitz so we hope that we will get new students very involved in the events organized by NESU

In fall we are also going to Tampere’s Semma and to the sitz of many different cities, so hope we will see you there and of course at our sitz in Lappeenranta! <3

With love,

NESU-Enklaavi ‘23