Greetings from Oulu!

NESU-Finanssi`s year has started with energy and with a fresh look because we have a new, absolutely gorgeous logo. We are so excited for this year!

In January we attended NESU Dagens in Jyväskylä, where we made new connections and we got more motivation to make this year even greater. We had our first sitz right after Dagens, everything went so well and we had a lot of nesuits join us. We also organize every sitz held by Finanssi, so we have sitz at least once a month.

So far, we had 4 sitz and this year we like to do things a little bit differently than before. For example, last weekend we had a 5 hour long Pyjamabile-sitz which was held in the middle of the day. We also organized our first English sitz, Pussikalja-sitz, which was good practice for us because in the fall, Oulu Business School will start its first bachelor’s program in English and hopefully we will have more international students. In addition to sitz, we also organize our traditional event, Laser Tag, and in April we will have our traditional BarBusExcursion. 

Our vision for this year is to innovate while still upholding the traditions. We also want to make NESU better known in Oulu and to be more active on Instagram and TikTok. Follow us in TikTok @nesu_finanssi and check our latest activities. <3

Our Wappusitz will be a NESU-sitz and we hope to see many colorful overalls in Oulu. See you there! 

With love,

NESU-Finanssi 23’