Greetings from NESU-KY!

Our year has begun very well, as we’ve organized multiple extremely successful events in cooperation with our board and 50 active members. So far we’ve organized three sitzparties: firstly the heartwarming Valentine’s Day Sitz in February, the glamorous Annual Ball Sitsparty in March and then the Glowy Wappusitz in April.

Besides sitsparties we organized the biggest event of our NESU-year on May Day Eve, the legendary Wapputerde. The event itself was a great success: people didn’t mind the cold weather and had lots of fun listening to the gigs of Jambo, amazing Boston Promenade and of course our own songs played by new as well as our lovely old NESU-members.

Our goal this year is to make each event memorable for the participants and cherish KY’s traditional Sitzculture as well as we can. As for the rest of the year our vision is to make sure that in future there would be more awareness in KY of the possibility to attend other cities sitzparties! Also we want to welcome as many students as possible from other cities to attend our events.

Lots of love,

Henna and the rest of NESU-KY ‘23