Greetings from the city of Kalakukko!

As some of you may be aware, the year changed and along with it, changed the board of Nesu-Preemio! We figured that it would be suitable to start the first blog post with a quick introduction: our chair for this year is Johannes, graphic designer is Juuso, responsible for corporate relations is Beata, responsible for social media is Maiju, responsible for the sitz is Tuulia and finally, responsible for communications is Olli.

What have we been up to during our first two months?

We organized our first interdisciplinary sits on the first of February. It was a blast, and we sold out the tickets almost immediately. Before that, almost every one of us visited the NESU-Dagen 2023 and despite the lack of showers, we had a great time! A huge thank you to NESU-JKL for organizing such a fun event. NESU-Dagen has not been the only appearance of our NESU-board in other cities, as few of us visited NESU-Boomi’s torimöyhö-sits in late February. And we can assure you that it will not be the last time that you will see us Häirikkös leaving our beloved city in northern Savonia 😉.

Since the topic for this post was visions, we decided to share what we are planning for nesu-preemio during this upcoming year. Of course, our focus is to organize sitz-parties, and to make them as memorable as we can. Even though we only organize two NESU-sitz during this year, Nesuits have the possibility to visit our sitz more often than that as all Nesuits are of course welcome to join our interdisciplinary sitz parties. Our second focus for this year is making Nesu-Preemio more visible in NESU by encouraging everybody to visit other cities. Since the pandemic does not affect our lives anymore, we see this as a great possibility to activate old and new Häirikkös to go and see the beautiful world of NESU.

We are organizing our next NESU-sitz at the end of march and we hope to see lots of nesuits there as well! We highly recommend Kuopio as a place to visit since everybody here are very nice to each other and very lupsakka as well.

Hope to see you soon in Apteekkari!

With love,

Nesu-Preemio ‘23