Greetings from Turku!

This year started fiercely and has continued to do so. As we’re already in April, there have been plenty of things going on. Our year started with NESU-Dagen in Jyväskylä, where we had a blast meeting the new board members of different cities. We were thrilled to learn there, what sitz-organizing can lead to at its best! 

The first sitz our new board organized was with Merkantila Klubben, Åbo Akademi. All in all, we’ve held 3 sitzes, with more on the way. During Semma, we had our first English sitzparty, which went really well. There were multiple different overall colours, we even saw people from Iceland! The next sitzparty will naturally be the one regarding Vappu, which will undoubtedly be the one of the most glorious events here in Turku!

Our vision for this year is to keep up the same pace as the board prior to us did and make the actions of NESU heard in Turku loud and clear. In addition, we are eager to create something new, from which every participant could enjoy as much as possible. Could there be such a concept  as ‘the perfect sitz’? Perhaps, perhaps not, but that will be seen at the end of this year. See you around!

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