Greetings from NESU-SHS!


As with other NESU cities, this year has been quite a different kind of ride. This autumn was especially hard on us because our ways to introduce what we do to first-year-students were completely thwarted. However, we have great trust that the board of 2021 can come up with great plans to recover from this unfortunate setback.
We had some grand plans planned with NESU-HEBS during the spring with Vappusitz and to get our freshmen to greet and meet during the autumn, but because of the reason, everyone can guess we were not able to do this. Hopefully, these plans will come to fruition in the future, and we can finally organize a Sitzparty we have been dreaming of with our combined might!

Unfortunately, as with other cruises/Sitz NESU-Suomenlahti was not able to leave the port this year. NESU-SHS hopes at some point we can raise the anchor and set sails for new horizons once again.

Land ahoy,