Soon my year in the board of NESU Finland is coming to its end and now it is time to stop for a while to think about the lessons I’ve learned during this year. As a Project Coordinator and Vice President of the board of NESU Finland 2018-2019 I got to organize one of the best student events of the spring, Wappurundi, and take care of corporate relations of NESU Finland.
I got a lot of responsibility on my shoulders and a lovely and inducing board to work with.

As a Project Coordinator, I was in charge of planning the projects of the year, for example electronic signatures to the minutes of board meetings, workshops in NESU Dagen in Kuopio and events like Wappurundi, afterworks and excursion to Copenhagen.

During the spring I worked with my main project, Wappurundi, contacting different kinds of companies, planning the schedules and activities and taking care of the practical arrangements. Together with our Communications Coordinator Tia, we planned the content to social media and together with Pyry the Treasurer, we created the budget for the event. Our Headperson Kosti gave us very good advice while organizing the event.

So now I’d like to thank my board of Finland so much for this year. It has been such a great and rewarding year and it has been amazing to work with you as a team and develope this community forward and forward!

During the past year I have also worked as an Event Coordinator of Boomi ry, organizing dozens of student parties in Tampere. My calendar has been so full and I have never had a dull moment! So I can say that these experiences have developed my time management and organizing skills. I have also learned a lot about project management and teamwork. All in all, planning and producing different kinds of projects has been really interesting and rewarding.

Something really special, that this year has given me, is all these lovely friendships that I’ve made during different kinds of NESU-events. I’ve got a chance to get to know amazing people all over Finland and all the NESU-cities. And I know that some of these friendships are meant to last forever.

Finally, I’d like to strongly recommend you all to apply for the board of NESU Finland. I promise you that the year in the board will be full of unforgettable memories, lots of new, interesting challenges and a great network of people around you! So don’t hesitate and send your application now!

Elise Sivonen
Vice President and Project Coordinator ’18-’19
Nordiska Ekonomie Studerandes Union – NESU Finland ry