Wykysitsiparty. Some of us had a hint of what would be coming and some of us didn’t have a clue yet. Nonetheless we were all equally enthusiastic and excited about the upcoming event. Oulu was ready to roll…

The trip to Wasa begun at 10 o’clock for some and at noon for the rest. It was a four-hour-trip ahead, but what wouldn’t a true nesuists do in order to see all his fellow nesuists and hear the Samliiing shouted once again. After the fairly long ride and when the cars were finally parked, it was time to start preparing ourselves for the sitsiparty and its Full Moon Party –theme.

We scattered around Wasa into the homes of different nesuits, kind enough to host us, only to meet again in front of Leipis just before leaving to the sitsi. The feeling of seeing all the friends for a long time was indescribable. The only thing that seemed to stand between us and the awesome sitsiparty was the bus company. Namely our bus driver still had his clock in winter time and the bus wasn’t there. Fortunately the driver was reached quickly and the trip to the party could begin.

Wykysitsiparty itself was one of the best sitsiparties I’ve ever attended! Of course the people make the party what it is, but if I may say, the toastmasters made the feeling rise to a whole new level. Toastmasters Johannes Carpen, Viktor Hollsten and Sini Jysmä had really planned a fantastic show for us and were able to hold the sitsi intact from the beginning till’ the end. Great toasting spiced with funny proggisesand break sitsis with dozens of nesuist… What more can one ask for?

After the sitsiparty the buses took us, or at least the ones who were still standing, to afterparty at Fontana nightclub. As so often before in Wasa, the time seemed to pass amazingly quick and people started toleave the club so that they would have some energy left for “Wykypäivä” itself…

Thanks for all of you who made this experience possible for us!

-Nico Numminen