Bring that ass back like a Boom Boom Boom Boom

September 15, 2019By Nesu-BoomiBlog

Greetings Nesuits and a warm welcome from us here in NESU-Boomi for the new semester! Our fall has started with a rapid pace, as per usual. We have been participating in various different events partly as organizers and partly through those we managed to inform and educate our new freshmen about NESU. We awoke a … Read More

Boarding will begin now

September 10, 2019By NESU FinlandBlog

This post is part of our Welcome on Board ’19-’20-series. What is the new Project coordinator and Vice chairman of NESU Finland ’19 – ‘20 made of? Hello everyone! My name is Sami Rojo and I am a fourth-year student from Finanssi. Don’t let the number of years I´ve studied fool you for I still … Read More

Welcome on Board ’19-’20

September 2, 2019By NESU FinlandBlog

This post is part of our Welcome on Board ’19-’20-series. This is your new treasurer speaking, welcome on board. Board of NESU Finland ’19-’20. My name is Aino Laine, a fourth-year student from Enklaavi and originally from the deep forests of Eastern Finland. My personal NESU history started with a bang by being a part … Read More

My year as a Country Representative

July 19, 2019By Kosti HokkanenBlog

Hello! I’m Kosti Hokkanen, the current Country Representative as well as the Chairman of the NESU Finland’s board. Now that our year is almost behind there is a good moment to look back a bit. In the next couple of paragraphs I tell you a bit about my experiences. The setup for board cooperation differs … Read More

Looking back in time

July 18, 2019By Tia RahkilaBlog

You know the feeling when as a small freshman you hear all these amazing stories about different events and the great time people are having there? The excitement when you are rushing to sign up for an event that you really want to attend? That’s what happened to me about a year ago when I … Read More

The most Treasured years

July 17, 2019By Pyry MustajärviBlog

Gosh. It sure doesn’t feel like a year has passed since I first started my journey in NESU Finland. However looking back at the pages of a tear away calendar, it would seem so. Spending a year working with people who might be argued to be the greatest minds in NESU has been a pleasure … Read More

What a wonderful year we had

July 16, 2019By Elise SivonenBlog

Soon my year in the board of NESU Finland is coming to its end and now it is time to stop for a while to think about the lessons I’ve learned during this year. As a Project Coordinator and Vice President of the board of NESU Finland 2018-2019 I got to organize one of the … Read More

Greetings from NESU Estonia!

June 17, 2019By Nesu EstoniaBlog

Tere! First things first – NESU Tallinn is now NESU Estonia! As you may have guessed from that, the year has been a big and different one from what we have previously seen. There has been changes in the system, structure and events. Many administrative aspects have adjusted, and now we are running smoother than … Read More

Annual Spring Review from NESU-Waasa

May 8, 2019By Nesu-WaasaBlog

Happy belated Passover! It’s been a while since the last I had the privilege to write in this blog – especially as a representative of NESU-Waasa. So where should we start? The year’s been one hell of a ride so far and a learning experience at that. From one meeting to another and from sitz … Read More