NESU-Boomi in 5 years

Moro from Tampere! It has been a wild and exciting spring! We have organized two sitz parties with great success and attended several NESU events from NESU Conference to Dagen. We are also reviving an event last seen before COVID-19: Sleepover with NESU-Boomi. We want to do more than just sitz parties in the coming […]

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NESU-TuKY in 5 years

Greetings from Turku!   Our year kicked off with a vibrant trip to the Dagen, and after a busy spring, it feels like ages ago. During this period, we managed to host one of our own sitz, as well as the traditional joint sitz with Åbo Akademi’s Merkantila Klubben students. Both events were tremendously successful,

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NESU-PorKy in 5 years

    Greetings from Pori!  NESU-PorKy has had a great start of the year and the spring semester has really flown by. During the spring, we have thrown two sitz-parties and also a NESU evening where we sowed overall patches and decorated our songbooks. During the upcoming wappu, our NESU organization is also creating yet

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NESU-Preemio in 5 years

Warm greetings from Kuopio! It feels like we just celebrated New Year’s Eve in the cold Finnish winter, but we are already living on April and the summer is slowly but surely sneaking around the corner! As some wise man once said, “Time flies fast when you are having fun”. I know that sounds like

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