What is a NESU Conference?

The main function of NESU is to organize semi-annual conferences in some Nordic university city. Every spring and autumn, NESU-members from different Nordic countries gather to spend a week together and participate in different activities. Conferences play a very important role in enhancing the inter-Nordic relations of NESU-members and in supporting networking and co-operation.

Every conference has a specific theme and the program of the conference-week revolves around this theme. Themes are chosen by the organizing team and they relate to business studies. The theme of the week will be discussed in company visits, lectures and workshops.

Besides this formal program, the week includes also more relaxed evening program. This enables participants to get to know each other better and form even wider networks between Nordic business students.

Next conference

09.11.- 15.11.2020

Oulu, Finland


Every spring and autumn NESU organizes a week long conference that gathers nordic business students together in a nordic city. During the week nearly a hundred students from Finland and other Nordic countries participate in multiple academic, social and business events. During recent years the NESU Conference has been held in e.g. Reykjavik, Tallinn, Helsinki, Turku and Vaasa.

Every conference has a theme related to current business issues. The themes vary from marketing to business management to nordic co-operation. During the week lectures, workshops, cases and company visits are organized in intensive cooperation with corporate partners drilling deep into the theme from several different perspectives. An active and enthusiastic group of current students and future managers and entrepreneurs work on business ideas and models while simultaneously creating contacts with their possible employers and colleagues.

The conference’s interesting day program is supported by various evening activities.The week offers a perfect opportunity for students from different Nordic universities to network with each other while having the time of their lives! Evening programmes vary between the conferences but there are always a few evenings one can expect! The week starts with a cottage trip and concludes with a mind-blowing gala evening. The rest of the week consists of a sitsi party and a karaoke night.

Conferences are open to all nordic business students. Participants for each conference are selected based on applications. The application period is usually two to three months before the conference and selected participants are informed within a few weeks after the application period ends.

For more details see:
Homepage - https://www.nesuconference.com
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/NESUConference

Previous conferences

2020 Spring  Jyväskylä  "Marketing in the digital environment"
2019 Autumn   Tampere  "Retail Revival"
2019 Spring  Turku  "Shifting Supply Chain Solutions"
2018 Autumn  Reykjavík  "Future of Investment"
2018 Spring  Helsinki  "Design Thinking in Services"
 2017 Autumn  Lappeenranta/Tallinn  "Value Creation with Technology"
 2017 Spring  Vaasa "Risk Management in Global Markets"
 2016 Autumn  Oulu  "Startups and Entrepreneurship"
 2016 Spring  Jyväskylä  "Game Business"
2015 Autumn Tampere "Operation: Innovation"
2015 Spring Turku "Professional Event Management"
2014 Autumn Reykjavik "International Image"
2014 Spring Helsinki "Experience it"
2013 Autumn Vaasa "Advertise Now!"
2013 Spring Tallinna "Penetrating New Markets"
2012 Autumn Oulu "Responsible Management – The Way to Success"
2012 Spring Jyväskylä/Tampere "Keen On Green"
2011 Autumn Turku/Stockholm "Innovations to Revenue"
2011 Spring Reykjavik "Brand Management"
2010 Autumn Helsinki "Doing Business in Social Media"
2010 Spring Vaasa "Process management in different fields of business"
2009 Autumn Tampere "Foundation for Boom"
2009 Spring Århus "Risk Management"
2008 Autumn Turku "Corporate Social Responsibility"
2008 Spring Reykjavik “Mergers and Acquisitions in the Nordic Markets”
2007 Autumn Helsinki "Entertainment Business"
2007 Spring Vilna "Utilizing Nordic-Baltic Potential"
2006 Autumn Århus "Corporate Branding"
2006 Spring Tampere "High Performance Through Outsourcing"
2005 Autumn Reykjavik "International Expansion"
2005 Spring Copenhagen "Sustainability"
2004 Autumn Helsinki "Baltic Opportunities"
2004 Spring Århus "Change Management"
2003 Autumn Reykjavik "Natural Resources"
2003 Spring Turku "Managing Mergers & Acquisitions"
2002 Autumn Århus "Entrepreneurship"
2002 Spring Reykjavik "The Viking Firms"
2001 Autumn Helsinki "Telecommunication enabling business"
2000 Autumn Århus "E-business"
1999 Autumn Helsinki "Change Management"
1999 Spring Reykjavik "Research & Development"
1998 Autumn Århus "Personal Development"
1998 Spring Turku "Globalizing Businesses"
1997 Autumn Visby "Future Organizations"
1997 Spring Helsinki "Communication in Business Environment"
1996 Autumn Århus "Management in the 90s - TQM & BPR"
1996 Spring Oslo "Energy in the Nordic Countries"
1995 Autumn Vaasa "Creativity and Innovations"
1995 Spring Visby "The IT-revolution - Companies get wired"
1994 Autumn Reykjavik "Iceland In International Competition"
1994 Spring Turku "Management in a Crisis Situation"