Hooray for a better day: NESU-SSHV

Greetings from sunny Vaasa!

Our board decided to try out some bowling for our special day together. We first intended to mini golf, but as the weather was surprisingly rainy in (usually) sunny Vaasa, we picked an indoor activity instead. The winner was Wilma (2nd from the right). The bowling competition got so intense that the boys forgot their masks at the end 😉.

Unfortunately, two members of the board were not able to attend the bowling.

Later that day, we re-gathered our board for a Zoom event. This night it was “Bäst I test” which is a sort of quiz-test inspired by the Swedish television program with the same name. We had a great evening, and the quiz was a lot of fun, especially for an online event.

We are looking forward to hosting and visiting other Nesu organizations when the time is right. As it looks now, we are planning on having a Sitz of our own in the autumn. Let’s just hope the situation gets better!

With much love to all nesuits!