NESU-Boomi is the NESU-organization for business students at the University of Tampere.
Tampere has been an active NESU city for over twenty years but officially NESU-Boomi association
was founded in 2005. Despite the relatively young age, well-known legends have been grown in
Tampere within NESU.

The board of NESU-Boomi consists of six members. The chairman in charge is Roope Hyvönen and five previous chairpersons of NESU-Boomi are Vili Mustonen (2023), Akseli Lepistö (2022), Reetta Kiiveri (2021), Petra Käki (2020) and Selina Sivonen (2019).

NESU-Boomi organizes sits parties five times a year, two during the spring and three during the fall. In addition to
the sits parties, we have few smaller events annually.  In 2020 we hosted the NESU Summer cottage and we were to hold our 15-year celebration, but the Covid-19 pandemic came in the way of our plans. In light of the current situation, the amount of events we are able to organize will be lower, but regardless we are eager to bring NESU back to Tampere as soon as we can do it safely.

NESUits from Tampere are eager to motivate business students to network with fellow students
from the other Nordic countries. We also try our best to attend actively to events in other NESU-cities and inspire
others to build long-term friendships that last for a lifetime!


Roope Hyvönen
+358 44 3611101

Nella Nurminen ❀

Rasmus Juuti

Josefiina Ritalahti
Sits Coordinator

Viivi Saviranta
Graphics & Secretary

Lauri Laihonen
Corporate Relations