NESU-Enklaavi ry is one of the eastern NESU-organizations in Finland, that operates under LUT
School of Business and Management in Lappeenranta. The history of NESU-Enklaavi is fairly
unknown and un-documented. The first documented nesuit from NESU-Enklaavi was Jussi
Metsomäki, when he started his journey on 2013. NESU-Enklaavi ry itself was later on founded in
2017. The journey has been rough: it started with just few sits parties per year and only a few
active members: for example, for a long time Juho Ikonen was the only publicly known member
from NESU-Enklaavi. But eventually little strokes fell great oaks and we managed to organize the
NESU Autumn Conference 2017 with NESU-Tallinn.

NESU-Enklaavi ry organizes minimum of 4 sits parties every year, and one excursion to another
city’s sits party. We also organize some other, tinier events such as beerpong-evenings and movie
nights. Our goals is to increase the amount of active members in Lappeenranta and make sure that
everyone gets a chance to meet new people all around Finland and the Nordics. We are happy to
see that the amount of active members is constantly growing, and that our neon yellow overalls
are glowing in almost every sits party.

Previous chair(wo)mens:
2013 – Jussi Metsomäki
2014 – Matti Munter
2015 – Minna Virtaneva
2016 – Emmi Lepistö
2017 – Kosti Hokkanen
2018 – Maria Mäkitie


Social media:

FB: NESU-Enklaavi

Instagram: nesu_enklaavi

Snapchat: nesu-enklaavi

Contact information:

Marko Tikkanen Chairman


+358 40 7549036


Joel Joki-Korpela Treasurer


+358 40 7689728


Maija Palomäki Marketing


+358 40 4163276


Reeta Korhonen Sits Coordinator


+358 45 3281197


Jukka-Pekka Pesonen Corporate Relations


+358 44 3731236


Erica Haranen Events


+358 44 0391025


Riina-Emilia Leppänen Communications


+358 50 4329742


Essi Rajala Graphics


+358 40 5335094