NESU-Enklaavi ry is one of the eastern NESU-organizations in Finland, that operates under LUT

School of Business and Management in Lappeenranta. We organize minimum of 4 sitz parties every year, and one excursion to another city’s sitz party. We also organize other more irregular events such as career focused case days and relaxing beer pong-evenings. It is our pleasure to be a visible part of Lappeen Ranta’s kylteri culture. Our goals are to increase the number of active members in Lappeenranta and make sure that everyone gets a chance to meet new people all around Finland and the Nordics. We are happy to see that the number of active members is constantly growing, and that our neon yellow overalls are glowing in almost every sits party.

As a member of the NESU-Enklaavi (link here) you are entitled to countless unforgettable NESU events throughout the year: twice a year NESU organizes a week-long seminar week (= NESU Conference), as well as a three-day Wappurundi (three days, three cities, three sitz parties). We can’t forget all the NESU sitz parties all over Nordics too. Also, in order not to get bored in the summer, we have this great thing called Kesämöksä. And we promise you, having fun doesn’t stop there!


The history of NESU-Enklaavi is fairly unknown and un-documented. The first documented nesuit from NESU-Enklaavi was Jussi Metsomäki, when he started his journey on 2013. NESU-Enklaavi ry itself was later on founded in 2017. The journey has been rough: it started with just few sitz parties per year and only a few active members: for example, for a long time Juho Ikonen was the only publicly known member from NESU-Enklaavi. Little strokes fell great oaks and we managed to organize the NESU Autumn Conference 2017 with NESU-Tallinn. NESU-Enklaavi has since grown into a large loving community. Fun grain of information:


Previous chair(wo)mens:

2013 – Jussi Metsomäki
2014 – Matti Munter
2015 – Minna Virtaneva
2016 – Emmi Lepistö

2017 – Kosti Hokkanen
2018 – Maria Mäkitie
2019 – Marko Tikkanen
2020 – Aino Laine
2021 – Mette Hyytiäinen
2022 – Anu Kyösti
2023 – Monika Rautio      

2024 – Jenni Lommi


There are many reasons to join us: unforgettable evenings, great people, community, free accommodation, lifelong friendships… NESU is one’s best time!

Find us, follow us and be a part of our colorful family:

FB: NESU-Enklaavi
Instagram: nesu_enklaavi
LinkedIn: Nesu-Enklaavi ry
Tik Tok: nesuenklaavi

Contact Information:

Jenni Lommi

Anni Krywacki

Moona Heikkilä

Mila Turunen
Vice Chairperson

Jerry Heiskanen
Sits Coordinator

Roope Kovalainen
Corporate Relations


Elmeri Arvaja

Kerttu Niemi