Oulu became an active NESU-city in 2009, which makes us a rather young NESU-community compared to many others. However, the amount of NESU-actives among the Oulu Business School students has steadily increased during these years and nowadays NESU-Finanssi is one of the most active NESU-organizations in Finland.

NESU-Finanssi arranges four sitsiparties in a year; two in fall and two in spring. Beside sitsiparties we have a few smaller local events annually, for example the traditional NESU Wine Tasting, BarBusExcursion and Laser Tag Special.

NESUits from Oulu are really active when it comes to attending events in other cities – in past years NESU-Finanssi has been present in numerous sitsiparties around Finland and in Tallinn, not to forget Conferences and other NESU events. Our goal is NESU-Finanssi is to inspire people to network with fellow business students from all over the Nordic countries – and to have fun while doing it!


Contact information:

Noora Kolehmainen


 Aino Raatikainen

Vice Chairman & Event Coordinator

Matti Sarpola

Communications Coordinator & Secretary

Henna Lahti

Food Coordinator

Noora Latvala

Sits Coordinator

Milla Maaninen


Reeta Ervasti

Corporate Relations

 Katri Koli


NESU-Finanssi 2024


 NESU-Finanssi Chairmans of the last decade
2024 – Noora Kolehmainen
2023 – Venla Rintala

2022 – Juho Väärä
2021 – Juho Lahtinen
2020 – Juho Lahtinen
2019 – Sami Rojo
2018 – Elina Lukkarila
2017 – Anna-Stina Vähänen
2016 – Susanna Kauto
2015 – Jan Käärik
2014 – Nico Numminen
2013 – Anni Seiteri
2012 – Titta-Mari Kettunen
2011 – Sami Väänänen
2010 – Marika Tenhunen/Hannu Stewart
2009 – Antti Harikka