NESU Finland

The main mission of NESU Finland is to coordinate the co-operation between Finnish NESU cities. As the NESU activity in Finland is at the moment the biggest among the Nordic countries, NESU Finland also tries to spread NESU to other Nordic countries. This is done by working together with the NESU President to organize excursions to other Nordic countries in the future.

NESU Finland is led by a country representative with the support of a 5 person board elected of members of different NESU cities. Along with the board, NESU Finland has its own commission composed of the chairs of NESU boards and commissions of all the NESU cities in Finland.


How to participate?

If you want to participate in NESU activities, contact your local NESU organization or one of the NESU Finland board members.


Contact information:


Country representative (Chairman)
Julius Gran

+358 44 2198598

Vice-Chairman & Webmaster (
Seela Suhonen
+358 50 5149890

Head of Communications
Petra Käki
+358 40 0898133

Project Manager
Silja Rouru
+358 50 3233932

Corporate relations
Sanni Lehtonen
+358 40 4149942

Mikko Salusjärvi
+358 45 1412286