NESU-Hanken i Vasa

NESU-Hanken in Vasa is from the oldest Nesu city in Finland but had a down-period of 12 years between the years of 2000-2012. Since 2012 the activity has finally picked up again and since then we have been taking part in most of the events offered by NESU. In January of 2016 NESU-Hanken in Vasa was finally admitted as an official branch-organization to SSHV, something we waited for, for roughly 30 years. We live in a thrilling time right now since most of the older members of NESU-Hanken in Vasa are starting to graduate and new eager students are taking over the management of the organization. NESU-Hanken in vasa has usually arranged one sitz per year during fall after the summer vacation is over and we hope to be able to continue this tradition. We hope that our NESU traditions will live on in Vasa so that future generations of Hanken students can make the same bonds that their predecessors made during all the wonderful NESU events.

Contact information:
Niko Bäck