NESU-Iceland is an independent organization that operates within the University of Iceland. NESU-Iceland is run on donations from individuals and organizations. All students of Business Administration and Economics at University of Iceland can participate in NESU-Iceland activities.

NESU-Iceland arranges their own events and co-organizes events with Mágus, the Student Association of Business Students at the University of Iceland. NESU-Iceland actively shares the NESU traditions and mentality at the student association's events.

NESU-Iceland's structure is simple, it has a chairperson which is also the country's representative. The chairperson's responsibilities are to recruit people for NESU, link NESU more to the student associations of business & economics students in all of Iceland, keep contact with the President of NESU and other country representatives, etc. The Chairperson and other active NESU-members have the authority to elect an entire NESU-board if there are enough people interested

Contact information:

Auður Ólafsdóttir
Country representative