Porin Kylterit comes from Pori, its shortened term is PorKy. Pori is located in the western coast of Finland and the students of University Consortium of Pori study in the old Pori’s Puuvilla. PorKy established the official board of NESU-Porky for the first time in 2018. NESU-representative is in charge of the NESU activities in Pori together with the NESU-board. NESU-representative is also part of the Porin Kylterit Ry board and has a role as a chairperson in the NESU-board. Changes to the previous year is that in 2019, all the board members have different tasks and the board consists of six persons instead of five. Members of the board are Olivia Lehtonen (the chairman), Akseli Pesonen, Helene Hartikainen, Jenna Liimatainen, Jere Huopainen and Silja Taskinen.

NESU-PorKy amuses students of Porin Kylterit and organizes NESU-sits parties four times a year, once in spring and three in autumn. NESU-PorKy also represents PorKy in NESU-events throughout Finland and the Nordic countries, such as the sits parties, NESU Dagens and NESU Conference. In 2020, NESU-Porky organizes the next NESU-Dagen in Pori. Because of devoted nesuits, NESU is getting bigger in Pori each year.

Contact information:

Olivia Lehtonen
PorKy Ry
+358 50 494 4559

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