NESU-Preemio is one of the NESU-organizations (Nordiska Ekonomie Studerandes Union) and it operates under University of Eastern Finland at Kuopio. Since it was founded in 2010, it’s main job has been to maintain and evolve NESU-activity in heart of Savo. Earlier NESU-Preemio was operated only by one person, but nowadays it has it’s own board and a chairman in charge.
NESU-Preemio works also as an intermediator between Preemio ry (Student organization of business students at Kuopio) and other university level business student organizations around scandinavia and also offers an excellent chance for networking and opportunity to attend Sitsi-parties in different cities. NESU-activity in Kuopio is having a great boom right now, and main goal of the NESU-Preemio is to preserve that state.

Contact information

Beata Karlstedt

+358 44 0704618


Pietu Pitkänen

Lotta Sundberg
Sits Coordinator

Thorvald Pöysti

Oskari Junttila
Social Media Coordinator

Aleksi Pesonen
Corporate Relations

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Previous chairpersons:

2024: Beata Karlstedt

2023: Johannes Roimaa

2022: Patrik Palmgren

2021: Hermanni Kokkonen

2020: Saara Myllynen