Introduction to NESU-SHS

NESU-SHS is an organization within Svenska Handelshögskolans Studentkår (SHS) in Helsinki, which is the student union for Hanken. NESU-SHS was originally founded in the 90’s but has been inactive for a while until the end of 2012 when it became active again. Through active promotion and a strong unity our organization has slowly regained an active base of members.

Our main focus is still in growing the organization, but also in establishing good relations with all the different NESU organizations. Through active promotion and hard work we aim to raise awareness of the true NESU-spirit for every Hanken student to experience. We encourage our members to participate in the events organized by different NESU organizations in different cities, as well as participating in our own events. We aim to arrange both sitz parties and other events for every NESU-member to be able to participate in.


Contact Information

Tuomas Mustamäki

Fanny Törnqvist


Janina Korhonen


Tony Lindman



Sofia Korvenmäki

For invitations and questions to the board, use:

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