NESU Tallinn (Nordic Economic Student Union) is established in late 2010 by students from Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian Business School with support from NESU Finland. Since then NESU Tallinn has grown to become a successful and well-known student organization with strong ties to Finnish and Nordic NESU organizations and has managed to bring the members from these cities closer to each other.

We interact constantly with all the NESU cities by hosting events in Tallinn that are open for all NESU members from the Nordic region and likewise members of NESU Tallinn have the privilege of participating at events hosted by other NESU cities. The highlight of the year is the one-week NESU conference held every Spring and Autumn – hosted in turns by different NESU cities. The conference consists of case competitions, lectures and workshops at company visits, interesting panel discussions and lots of fun!

Among others, one of the main activities every NESU city does is hosting Sits-parties. Sitsies are a traditional Nordic academic party including eating and singing songs etc. All activities hosted by NESU Tallinn are in English and there is no membership fee!

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Contact information:

Elina Rautanen

Vice Chairman
Silja Rouru

Corporate Relations Manager
Mauri Kolehmainen


Head of Communications
Mikaela Gardemeister

Nea Sipola

Event Coordinators
Sofia Miikkulainen

Wilma Korkeela