NESU-TuKY - Turku School of Economics

NESU-TuKY is one of the biggest committees of the Association of Economics Students in Turku (TuKY ry). NESU-TuKY has operated actively in NESU from the very beginning since the times of NHS. It all started in 1963, when “Nordic Week” was organized in Turku and ever since has NESU had a special place in our activities. NESU-TuKY is currently going over its numerous events and trying to reform the selection in the following years to provide the best events and keep the activity up-to-date here in Turku.

The best known and most traditional sitzparties in Turku are Ruissitsit during Ruisrock and PMPJ-sitsit before the holidays at the end of the year. Altogether there are about 13 sitzparties every year in Turku and we hope to see as many of you as possible at our sitzparties! NESU Conference was last organized in Turku again in the Spring 2019.

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Contact information:

Ellen Nissinen               

+358 44 3065373

Roosa Toivanen
Vice Chairman, Corporate Relations

Tuomas Alm

Edith Lindfors
Sits Coordinator

Salla Ruokanen

Elle Luukkala

Frans Isolauri
Art Director