Nordic Affairs

Today NESU is present within student organizations of 16 business schools in three Nordic countries: Finland, Iceland and Estonia. On the Nordic level the main purpose of NESU is to bring its members together at semi-annual conferences, which take place every Spring and Autumn.

President is the head of the whole NESU organization and its job is to create contacts in new NESU countries and also make sure that NESU stays alive and is powerful in the countries that are already active. The presidential term is one year and presidential elections are held during the Autumn conference.

Even though the president is responsible of the internationalization, it is our common goal to develop NESU in existing and new countries.

If you have any questions or new ideas related to Nordic Affairs and NESU, please contact the current NESU President.


A word from the President

Hello NESUits!

I am Noora Tiainen. Last autumn, at the Union meeting in Oulu’s online Conference, I was honored to be chosen as the new president of NESU. In this post, I would like to introduce myself and talk about the year in front of us.

I'm a 23-year-old Finnish originally from Nokia city the capital of tires and frisbee golf. I have done my Bachelor’s degree in Jyväskylä where I had marketing as my major and information system sciences as my minor. I still leave mainly in Jyväskylä and today for my Master’s Degree, I'm studying Corporate Environmental Management, which deals with the sustainability for business in the matters of social, economic, and environmental sustainability. I have been a part of the NESU from the beginning of my university studies and even more inseparable after attending my very first conference in Iceland 2018. Since then, I've attended conferences in Turku, Jyväskylä, and Oulu. In Jyväskylä’s dramatic spring conference 2020 I was also part of the organizing team and I was part of the Day Program team. For me, the NESU has been my one true student organization during my studies. These crazy creative, fun, warm, and smart people are worth knowing!

The year behind and the year in front of us is nothing like previous ones we have experienced during our student organization paths. COVID challenges our daily habits and it also challenges the main responsibilities of the president. Those responsibilities are advancing internationalization and both maintaining and improving the state of the Union. As we all may understand it is not the time for internationalizing at this very moment, but there are still ways to maintain and improve the Union. Our plan with active NESU members from all member countries is to gather together the roots of our over 70years old organization. After one year of work, our goal is to have NESU Union’s very first history book. Believe me, it is already difficult to track the true and unique roots of this Union so we will try to make it easier for the 100-year-old NESU Union. In addition, I will be taking part in virtual events such as our very first online NESU-Dagens in NESU Discord, keep up with country representatives and conference head organizers. Also, whether COVID still on my days tolerate yielding, I will be ready for it.

Dear NESUits, you are always welcome to contact me through email, Facebook, or Instagram and one day face to face! Keep going, keep rocking and focus on what you can do! 🤘 These times offer a great chance to get anyone involved in online events as the place is not the limitation. You can invite people to play together in Discord or held up a cocktail school without participant limitation. There exits possibilities for online Sitzparties with new twists and programs like many of you have already experienced. The creativity and even the craziness is the crown jewel of this organization. Pandemic is limiting you, but not the lack of creativity to create new.

Best regards,

Noora Tiainen
President of NESU 2020-2021