NESU Excursion 2024 goes Bergen! 🇳🇴

The 2024 Excursion will be heading towards Bergen, Norway on 11.-16.9.2024

We warmly welcome you to participate if you are a business student in any Nordic university!

The application period is closed. We thank all the applicants for their interest!

The NESU Excursion is a trip to one Nordic country annually. The goal of the Excursion is to create networks between business students within the Nordic region. The event is intended for all Nordic business students. We are gathering a group of almost 70 students from all over the Nordics. We want to enable the sharing of cultures and learning from others, both in business skills and in leisure. We strive to create a good start for continuous cooperation in the future.

The excursion participants and local students spend the excursion together doing various activities. The program includes visits to local and international companies and exploring the nature and culture of the destination country together. We are also planning joint evening programs with local business students.

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We welcome you to participate if you are a business student in any Nordic university. There is no other criteria!

Our plan is to have participants from all Nordic countries. 🇳🇴🇫🇮🇸🇪🇪🇪🇩🇰🇮🇸

There are at least a million reasons why you should participate, but here are a few for starters:

  • You get to network, make friends and have fun with business students from all around Nordics.
  • You get to know the destination country comprehensively: we will visit the best attractions, do the funkiest activities, visit the most interesting companies as well as get to know the local student life – all at once.
  • You get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a truly Nordic business student event.
    The program & price
  • The Excursion program combines professional and leisure activities.
  • You can learn about business, (student) cultures, and make new connections.
  • All the activities are easily approachable and suitable for everyone.
  • All activities are included in the price.
  • Not all programs and partners are yet published in detail 🤭
  • The price of the Excursion 2024 is only 120€!
  • (1400 SEK, 1411 NOK, 895 DKK, 18035 ISK)
  • The price includes 5 nights of hotel accommodation, breakfast, all activities and events, multiple dinners, NESU Excursion merch, and more!
  • The price does not include travel expenses to and from Bergen.

Our Excursion Team

We have chosen an excursion team of 12 motivated business students from all over Finland to organize the trip. The team will handle the logistics, accommodation, and organization of business visits and other activities. In addition, marketing, acquisition of sponsors, and gathering participants are on the team’s to-do list.

The head organizer of the trip is the current NESU President Janita Pirhonen. Besides her, the team includes Miro Myrttinen, Elmeri Arvaja, Totte Nousiainen, Kerttu Kuitunen, Karo Korvakangas, Roosa Yli-Piipari, Markus Kallaluoto, Vile Luoto, Pietari Kärkkäinen, Roosa Toivanen, and Iida Ahola.

Our excursion team is working hard behind the scenes to guarantee you have a good time on the Excursion <3

We are still seeking cooperating partners!

Are you a company or an organization willing to get noticed among Nordic business students? Are you willing to foster networks among active and internationally oriented business students? If yes, we are keen on discussing collaborations regarding the Excursion. Email us at

Contact Information


Instagram: @nesuexcursion

Facebook event


Application process

The application period is from 22.4. to 5.5.2024. The application period is now closed. We thank all the applicants for their interest in the Excursion 2024.

Application is made through an application form. It is published here on this website (above), in the linktree in @nesuexcursion Instagram bio and the Facebook event at the beginning of the application period. The application form asks for your basic information and is non-binding.

The participants are decided by drawing. We have quotas for each country to enable an international event. After the draw, we will contact selected applicants to confirm their application. We will contact the selected applicants within 2 weeks after the end of the application period.

If selected participants do not confirm their participation by the given deadline, drawing is done again to fill the available spots. The draw will happen within the same country quota. This process is continued until all places are filled.

Selected applicants will pay for the Excursion by the end of June 2024.


Cancellation and Reserve list

After the draw, we send out emails to selected participants. We also ask everyone to confirm their participation. At this point, it is possible to cancel participation for free.

The reservation cost is not returned if a participant wants to cancel their participation after confirmation unless someone from the reserve list is available and willing to take the opening spot.

All cancellations must be communicated with the organizing team. We will manage the reserve list and ensure all spots are filled.

Safety during the Excusrion

At NESU, all forms of inappropriate or disruptive behavior are strictly prohibited. We’ll be sure to hold all participants accountable for ensuring safety at the event and expect them to take necessary action if they witness any such behavior.

By participating in the Excursion, you are committed to following the NESU Code of Conduct during the trip. In case of serious violations, the organizing team can remove such a person from the excursion without compensating the rest of the trip.

Thank you for our major sponsor, Nordic Culture Point, for making this event possible! 

More sponsors will be published here shortly.