Hello NESUits!

My name is Mette Hyytiäinen and I am the current president of the union. As a part of trivia about me I am 22 years old master’s degree student from LUT University in Lappeenranta. For two years I was part of the local NESU-Enklaavi’s board, first as a head of sits parties and then as a chair woman. In addition, I was also part of the organizing team of NESU Autumn Conference 2021. Because I’m a business analytics student, I love numbers and numbers in this context mean statistics of my activities. I have attended three live conferences (Jyväskylä, Lappeenranta, and Helsinki) and one online conference (Vaasa).

Now, let’s get down to business. The Union of NESU is at a turning point. After a challenging few years, the sun is shining again. A new generation of NESUits are shaping the union for the better. It is time to shake things up and think creatively. New ideas and visions are what we need. I also strive in my position to implement these principles.

A year of changes also includes a NESU excursion. The goal of this trip is to create networks between business students within the Nordics. With this, we implement the true purpose of NESU. The event is intended for all Nordic business students and our plan is to have participants from all Nordic countries. Come and join the trip!

You can contact me any way you like! When we run into each other, come say hello. Let’s keep the spirit of NESU alive together.

Best regards,

Mette Hyytiäinen
President of NESU 2022-2023

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