Dear NESUits!

Greetings! I am Janita Pirhonen, your NESU Union President for the term 2023-2024. I am a 22-year-old from the heart of Finland who loves staying active with things related to sports, the outdoors, and cross-cultural student life. Currently, I am pursuing my MSc in Strategic Management in a Changing World at Aalto University, Finland.

My NESU story began in 2020 when I attended my first sitz party hosted by NESU-Probba. Little did I know that experience would be the catalyst for my involvement in NESU’s vibrant community. Not long after, I found myself holding a post as the Chairwoman of NESU-Probba board 2021. Since then, the NESU spirit has been my constant companion. I have participated in NESU events, such as sitz parties, NESU Conferences (Vaasa and Tampere), and memorable cottage trips, in various cities as actively as I have been able to. Still to this date, the passion has not shrunk.

As the NESU President, I strive to enhance the Nordic Affairs of the NESU Union. NESU is taking major leaps in enhancing its presence and the relations of Nordic business students. An instance of such a leap is the re-establishment of NESU Sweden in 2023. I am committed to helping NESU Sweden foster strong foundations while nurturing relationships across all NESU countries.

Moreover, inspired by the successful NESU Excursion 2023, I and a lovely excursion team will re-create NESU Excursion in 2024! This event serves as a platform for business students from all Nordic countries to connect, learn, and have a blast together. In other words, NESU Excursion implements the purpose of NESU. I invite you all to join the NESU Excursion 2024!

Feel free to reach out via email, social media, or in person. I’m always eager to chat and connect with fellow NESU enthusiasts.

Looking forward to an incredible year together!



Janita Pirhonen
President of NESU 2023-2024

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