Stories About NESU: Mikko Salusjärvi

Hey peeps! 

It’s me, Mikko Salusjärvi. I also go by the alias, Salusmikko. I started my studies back in 2016 in Tallinn University of Technology. While there, I participated the events organized by NESU Tallinn. During the autumn of 2017 NESU-Enklaavi and Tallinn organized the half-annual conference, which included the Nordic Sitz party. I remember seeing more and more like-minded people in a fabulous variety of overalls. The night itself was unforgettable and this is the event that ignited my underlying curiosity towards travelling to other NESU cities and meeting more wonderful people. 

My first sitz outside of Tallinn took place in Tampere, where NESU-Boomi organized its traditional pre-christmas sitz party. The organizing part of the trip did not go as smoothly as it would nowadays, but all in all, the sitz itself confirmed to me that I had been missing so much by not going during the first year. During the next spring, I took part on every possible sitz around Finland that I could possibly go to and swore to myself, that someday, I would go on to sitz in every existing NESU city. 

During that spring I also went to Wappurundi, which is still one of my favorite events in the current NESU calendar. In 2018, it consisted of Helsinki, Tampere, and Vaasa. The signification of the event reflects to this day in form of still existing memes, friendships, and the photos that reflect the unity that was flowing in the Hene’s bus. 

In autumn 2018, I participated to my first NESU Conference, which took place in breathtaking Iceland. I was taken by the concept itself and impressed to see all the potential and intelligence among all the participants. It has also worked as a driver for me to improve my knowledge and skills in my field of specialties. 

If anyone is thinking, whether they ever should apply to Conference, my answer for you is this: Do not even hesitate! Just go there and join the bubble, where you will have a week of your lifetime, twice a year. It truly is the place for you to awake your inner potential.

As you might notice at this point, I haven’t got any board experience (so far). During my studies in Tallinn, it was a personal preference to not to bind myself to any specific role. I saw myself more as a handyman for the whole NESU itself. I have been helping different cities with various events and tried to give my best to make the lives of other Nesuits as pleasant and fun as possible. Together we have organized several trips around Finland attempting to go to as many sitz as possible by car. 

I graduated as a bachelor from Tallinn in 2019 and was unable to secure myself a position in master’s studies. I upheld my contacts and took part to events even though I was not an active student, trying to keep up with NESU and the 9-to-5 life. It was the NESU people that motivated and helped me through the tedious times by motivating me to focus on the next round of applications, in which I was granted a place in University of Vaasa master’s programme. I couldn’t be more thankful for this organization and these people who make it so great. To all of you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

During the upcoming years, my overall color will change, I will hopefully take part in more interesting projects, events, conferences and trips, and eventually, graduate. But for now, I will be enjoying my life to the fullest as a proud member of NESU-Waasa and NESU as a whole. If any of you sees me in NESU events, come and have a chat! I have plenty of stories of the time of my life, and I am more than willing to hear yours too.


Mikko Salusjärvi