What is the best way to reset your mind after an economics exam? For eleven of us the answer was taking a ride to Lappeenranta, where NESU-Enklaavi hosted “80’s After Ski” sits party. The evening actually was an after ski party for those who took part in Enklaavi´s Liugur-event, but for us the trip was all about sitsing because of our tight schedule. And it was even tighter if you happened to have two exams before the train’s departure. Nonetheless, running is always fun and rewarding when you notice you’re just on time.

The destination was a local “restaurant” named Giggling Marlin, and after making ourselves comfortable, we were welcomed by two enthusiastic Swedish-speaking skiers called Olle and Kalle. Those two guys operated as toasts and I have to say it’s not actually ordinary to see anyone enjoying their roles as they did. We thanked them by presenting some snow from downtown Helsinki. NESU-Jyväskylä was also there (take a note; they’re not Pörssi anymore) wearing Matti Nykänen -masks and telling us how they use to sing “Internationalen” in their place. The brave delegates of Probba and Vaasa had as well travelled to the bank of Lake Saimaa.

But it was Enklaavi’s party and we got to listen to numerous added verses full of South Karelian inside jokes. At the same time, some of the less experienced home field people were little confused during “samling” and some other NESU-traditions. Good practice for understanding each other anyway. Instead, one man who understood us surprisingly well was the conductor of our return train, who invaded our section just to ask “Do I smell the yesterday?” or “Did you even have fun?”

Guess we had. Thank you NESU-Enklaavi and see you in our basement next time!

Juho Paavola, NESU-KY ‘013