As other colleagues have said the autumn has been busy. There have been many events and our freshman weeks went well. At this time new students have also got information about NESU and what kind of things NESU organizes. The feedback about our first sitzparty was really good. Also, the excitement of NESU activity has been demonstrated by the number of participants in events like NESU Sauna and trips to another NESU cities.

Right now the one and only thing everyone is waiting for is the next week’s trip to Joensuu where NESU-Optimi is throwing a sitzparty. We had so many enthusiast students that we had to rent a bus. Currently there are already over 40 participants. Trips like this not only refresh our NESU culture in Kuopio but also increase co-operation between NESU organizations.

In January NESU-Preemio will arrange the NESU Dagen 2019 which will start a new NESU year. The place for the event has already been decided and right now we are making very good plans for you guys. We can’t wait to welcome old and new NESUists to Kuopio.

Before that we will also have sitzparty on the 21st of November in Kuopio. This time we will have a huge afterparty. About this we will publish the event so there is going to be more information.

In the end of this post we want tell you about our next year’s NESU president Emilia Honkanen! Emilia has been very active in our last year’s committee and she has been in many NESU events. In this year Emilia has also served as a publicist in NESU-Preemio. Congratulations to Emilia and all other new NESU presidents!

NESU-Preemio wishes you all a nice autumn and hopes to see you at events!