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January 28, 2014By adminBlog


NESU-KY kicked off the 2014 sitsi-party season at the KY house in an intergalactic fashion on January 15th. The active year NESU-KY ‘14 threw an annual practice sitsi-party giving the old NESU members a chance to welcome and train the newbies into the sitsi-party culture. The night progressed smoothly following already familiar traditions, but as the evening turned to night the old actives turned up the wow factor, igniting our brand new NESU walruses into traditions previously unheard of.

The new catering- and business communications teams demonstrated their expertise by delivering chicken-pesto salads, Subway sandwiches, as well as brownies to the sitsi-table, all much delighting the extraterrestrial party guests. The beverage team refused to be outshone this early on, and kicked the traditional sitsi-party to a new level by filling the guests’ glasses with Ufo-shots and pear cider. Still, the highlights of the night remain the delightful proggis show featuring our favorite Star Wars characters, as well as the walrus of our dreams… Our new wannabe- toast masters were also witnessed on stage, for the very first time. Roope Lääkkölä, then a toast virgin, succeeded in taking a hold of the audience with the guidance of more experienced toasters, Hilla and Aimo. The atmosphere was through the roof the entire night, and the party was moved promptly from the table to the dance floor once the guests’ plates were emptied.

The new NESU Actives gave a sneak peek of what can be expected from them in the months to come, and let me tell you, there is much to look forward to. I, for sure, wouldn’t want to be one left without a ticket to the Club Lagoon pre-sitsi-party!

Text: Emilia Ammondt, Karoliina Kujala ja Kaisa Mäkikangas, Anna Toiviainen

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