My name is Matti Saariaho and I am the current treasurer of NESU-Finland. I’m studying accounting and finance in Vaasa University, where I started back in the autumn of 2013. NESU has been close to my heart since I began my studies, but I really picked up being a true nesuit about a year ago, and haven’t missed a beat since. In that period of time, the question of which have I accumulated more, credits in my studies or attendance in sitsparties, is up for debate.

As a treasurer my duties during the year are budgeting and managing transactions, and the greatest task of mine is to produce a financial statement at the end of our fiscal year. Meanwhile, I support other board members in their duties, and have found myself to be the unofficial “proggis-generator” of the board (which I generally don’t mind).

Currently I am recovering from the NESU Spring Conference of Jyväskylä, which was once again a terrific experience. The biannual NESU Conference that brings together students across the Nordic countries is an event that I can truly recommend for every economics student to attend at least once in their lifetime. The week-long conference is next held in Oulu in autumn, and although the wonderful past week will stay in my memories for evermore, I’m already looking forward to the next one and hope that many new faces are attending!