The last but by no means the least of the bunch: our board member responsible for projects & corporate relations has a word or two to say about himself!
Greetings all Nesuits!

Maybe it’s high time for me to introduce myself to you all!

So who am I?

My name is Otto Buure and I’m studying in the Athens of  Finland, Jyväskylä.  I’ve been studying for two years now and I’ve also been an active Nesuit during that whole time. In these two years I’ve participated in sits parties in every active NESU city you can find in Finland or other Nordic countries that has a NESU organization of their own (excluding of course Denmark, which hasn’t had the pleasure to host a sits party of their own yet). These awesome events have become the thing that sets the pace for my studies and I always try to find a way to participate in sits parties and other NESU events to see the awesome people that attend them.

I’ve been a board member in NESU Finland since last September and my areas of responsibilities have been corporate relations and projects. So what do these responsibilities include? Corporate relations have always been kind of hard for NESU organizations in the same way they are for every student association. Personally I don’t think I have been able to do enough to make a lot of progress in that sector. In NESU Finland’s case corporate relations include sending countless of emails to dozens of companies and calling to different corporations about their possible interest in either advertising their products in our events or in getting their logos/advertisements on our website, ( Basically it doesn’t differ much from being responsible for any other union’s or association’s corporate relations. NESU Finland organizes only a couple of events annually and as the responsible for projects it has been my job to make those events happen. For example in Wappurundi, which is a sits bus tour organized annually that this year traveled through four different NESU cities in the western Finland, my responsibility was everything concerning the bus itself. This means that the responsible for projects books the bus for the tour and organizes the bus schedule, when the bus leaves and arrives in different cities. The task is not too time consuming on itself, especially because of the amount of events we organize per year, but when the time for these events come you really have to give them your 100 percent.

Now I’m already counting days and hours to when I can leave my summer job behind and get back to the awesomeness of NESU. I’m especially excited for the NESU Autumn Conference in Tampere! These conferences have maybe been the most epic thing that I’ve experienced in these past two years of studying and I really don’t want to miss any of them! I’m also really counting on NESU Boomi to do an awesome job organizing the autumn conference as they have done with all of their other events before. If you want to know more about the NESU Conference and what all this fuzz is about, please visit

So I really can’t wait to see you all when the NESU part of the year starts again! Sadly for me this stupid thing called work stops me from starting it before October.


Until then! Cheers!

Otto Buure

Projects & Corporate Relations