Dear NESUits,
Time for the biannual NESU Conference is here again, and so is time for the Union meeting. The Union meeting gathers attendants from all NESU countries together to discuss the state of the union and to decide on matters on Nordic level. The meeting is open to all NESU members.
Every autumn, the Union meeting also chooses the new president for NESU. Running for president happens at the meeting. All NESUits are eligible for applying, although good knowledge and experience of NESU are crucial. Above all, true enthusiasm towards the union is what matters. If you’re interested in creating a better future for the union, uniting like-minded people and developing Nordic co-operation, this is the position for you! For additional information, feel free to contact
The Union meeting is held on Friday the 3rd of November at 2:30 pm in Tallinn, Estonia. Exact address for the meeting is Magistri-saal, Õpetajate Maja, Raekoja Plats 14, 10146 Tallinn. The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

NESU Union Meeting Autumn 2017

1) Opening the meeting
2) Choosing the chairperson and secretary of the meeting
3) Approval of the agenda
4) Announcements
5) Greetings from NESU Countries
6) State of the union
7) Choosing the new president
8) Choosing the location for the Autumn Conference 2018
9) Introduction of the Spring Conference 2018

10) Other matters

11) Closing the meeting

Looking forward to seeing lots of you at the meeting!

Kind regards,
Emmi Vilkanen
Nordiska Ekonomie Studerandes Union