NESU Finland Position of the Day: Communications

July 26, 2013By NESU FinlandBlog

My job included managing NESU Finland’s e-mail and posting on the Facebook page. I also had the honor to write the minutes in our own board meetings as well as the country meetings.

My biggest projects during the year were 1) Wappu tour; managing the list of participants and 2) NESU goes Ruisrock; managing the ticket orders and shipments.

I hope my successor has a real passion for communications and social media, since there really is a lot of potential to develop the post. Maybe there could even be separate persons handling the combination of e-mail, and social media, now that NESU Finland is in Twitter too…who knows; the new board decides!

– Kati Saarinen

How To Apply:

You can state your interest in applying by posting a brief introduction of yourself (no longer than a regular status update) on the facebook page of NESU Finland: This way other members of NESU Finland have the chance to get to know you a little bit before the meeting!


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