The country representative and chairman of the board is responsible for the whole operation of the organization. The chairman holds board meetings and country meetings in the NESU conferences as well as NESU Dagen and NESU summer cottage. As the chairman you need to be on top of all things going on and hold all the strings in your hands.

The year has been absolutely amazing thanks to the 6 wonderful board members! We’ve all worked closely together, helped each other out and become good friends. I have learned a lot of valuable things as the country rep and met some incredible people along the way. I highly recommend running for the chairman, it’s a challenge but totally worth it!

-Anna Saarinen

How To Apply:

You can state your interest in applying by posting a brief introduction of yourself (no longer than a regular status update) on the facebook page of NESU Finland: This way other members of NESU Finland have the chance to get to know you a little bit before the meeting!