New President of NESU. Who am I and what do I do?

December 8, 2015By adminBlog

Hello dear nesuits around the Nordic, 

my name is Noora Finne and in the Union Meeting in Tallinn I was chosen to be the new president of NESU. With this blog post I will tell you a little bit of myself and also about the presidency and what it means for me. 

I’m 24 years old and I’m studying my 4th year in the University of Tampere. I had my first touch to NESU already in the beginning of my studies with NESU-Boomi’s practice sitsparty in 2014 and after that I was in the board of NESU-Boomi on 2015 as a project manager. I fell in love with NESU so I applied and was chosen to be the chair of the board of NESU-Boomi on 2016. During the Kesämöksä in 2017 I applied for the chair of NESU Finland board 17-18 and so now my position with this presidency is the chair of NESU Finland board and the country representative of Finland. I have attended to 46 sitsparties around the Finland in all NESU cities and also in Tallinn. NESU has been important union for me during my studies and I’ve had my best friends from NESU. I’ve got so much good things from this union that I really want to give back as much as I can, and that’s why I applied for the president of NESU. 

So what are my responsibilities then? President is the head of the whole NESU organization and it’s job is to create new contacts in new NESU countries and also make sure that NESU stays alive and is powerful in the countries that are already active. Even though president is responsible of the internationalization, it is our common goal to develop NESU in existing and new countries. So if you are for example doing your exchange or you already have connections in the Nordic countries, you can ask them to join us in the following NESU conferences or in some sitsparties. I’m also more than happy to help you with all the questions you have if you have a friend in the Nordic countries you would like to invite to NESU!

My concrete goal for my presidency term is to contact different student organizations in the Nordic countries, starting with the ones we already have some contacts. My goal also is to be there for NESU Iceland now that they have made a real progress in expanding NESU there and they are arranging a conference in Iceland in autumn 2018. Of course it’s also important to make sure that we can still make NESU better in Finland and also in Estonia. I also try to tell about the things I’m doing along the year so we could make NESU president more familiar and open for nesuits.

If you have any questions or suggestions or contacts we could use, please contact me on or via Facebook or face-to-face in the sitsparties, conferences or anywhere you see me! Let’s make this year great and hope that at this time next year NESU is greater and more international than before!


Best regards,

Noora Finne

President of NESU 17-18

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