Greetings from NESU-Probba!

This fall has been a busy one, as we have been organizing sitsparties every month! We kickstarted the semester with introducing our new freshmen to NESU culture in the best and only way possible, our Orientation Week -sits. With over 150 participants, many of which were alumni, we had a super fun night in Ristiina and taught the traditions and customs to the new babas!

In the end of October, a historical event took place in Mikkeli as Sotku did a comeback! Gone are the inconveniences caused by a certain bottle of Mr. Muscle and a couple of gentlemen… The theme of the comeback sitsparty was Oktoberfest, and the glorious place was full with 160 participants, the biggest sits of ours so far! Besides Sotku being back, the evening was special due to the biggest amount of ulkkaris in Mikkeli ever. This was only possible thanks to our dear friends from Enklaavi, who took the time and energy to come to Mikkeli by a bus with 50 participants! Such wow <3

In the beginning of Probba ry’s Grand Annual Ball week we organized the already traditional GAB-sits, which were in Sokos Hotel Vaakuna with the theme of Suomi100. This sitsparty was a bit smaller with only 100 participants, but the spots for babas were nevertheless taken in record time! Only a couple of ulkkaris made it there, but the awesome nokkahuilu version of Darude’s Sandstrom by the lads from Jyväskylä was enough to fulfil the lack of ulkkaris. Very lit, we want more, encore please!

On 5th of December we have the final sits organized by our NESU-Probba board ’17. It is going to be emotional, but also awesome as the magical night will have the Christmassy theme of Santa Claus and the Magic Drum! If you have heard rumours about the Shaman of Mikkeli, or even if you hear of him for the first time now, this sitsparty is your chance to see this magical person with your own eyes. And that is a chance you do not want to miss!

During the fall we have also started to fill the minds of the freshmen with NESU even more! We had an info night to tell them about what we do and got around 30 interested participants there. Also, having sold two of our sitsparties out faster than ever – one of them even in less than two minutes! – really tells that the new generation is ready to sing their heart out and rush to the sitstables. We are very excited for the application period for NESU-Probba board 2018!

Last but not least, we have been able to continue our active ulkkarisits life, as there have again been Probba people on almost every sits this fall! Freshmen are also starting to dare to go to other cities in the name of Nesu. We aim to get even more of them with us when we go and pay back the visit of Enklaavi by bringing lots of our Mikkeli Spirit to their next sits!

We want to thank everyone who has made this year in the NESU-Probba board unforgettable, let’s toast to all of the adventures still ahead of us! Skål!

NESU-Probba board ‘17