Greetings from Jyväskylä!


The autumn of NESU-Jyväskylä has been fun although more quiet than normally. Freshmens’ week was quite successful even though it ended faster than expected due to the worse corona situation in Jyväskylä. Luckily we still had a chance to participate in Dumppi Ry’s Kämppäapprot and had our own NESUmpialaiset for the Pörssi freshmen. There was an amazing atmosphere in both and we are happy that we got to introduce NESU and ourselves to freshmen. In NESUmpialaiset there were also some old NESU actives from Jyväskylä and other cities holding checkpoints for freshmen. NESUmpialaiset has been going on for a few years now so it’s pretty new event here in Jyväskylä. We are planning to scale it up in the future and perhaps invite more NESU actives from different cities so they could express their funniest NESU memories in some sort of checkpoint activity. It would be really special way to welcome our freshmen into the NESU community and our freshmen could see for themselves how open and welcoming The NESU community is. And of course this could possibly mean more visitors from Jyväskylä to other cities sitz-parties. Overall the autumn went pretty well and our NESU-JKL board did our best to participate in every event possible and while I’m writing this I realised we took part in every freshmen event. During these events we even launched “NESU-feissarit” which basically meant that we popped up in to a random freshmen group while they were chatting and then started with “Hi, do you have time to talk about NESU?”. So overall I guess you could say that we did our best planting our NESU-seed in our freshmen.

Hopefully all the new students noticed the great NESU-spirit in the events. If somehow not, they will probably in the future, when all the fun is back. We tried our best to keep NESU-spirit alive by telling the freshmen about all the NESU events and people.


This year was special for NESU-JKL as our organization turned 5 years old. Unfortunately we were unable to host the celebrations which we had planned to be the biggest spectacle of the whole year. Despite this disappointment, we hope that we can skål for NESU-JKL sometime later. Next towards a better new year and a new board. The applying period will start in the coming weeks.


Best regards,

NESU-Jyväskylä Board 2020