Silja Rouru, Project Manager

Heya! It is your Project Manager speaking. 

My name is Silja Rouru and I am super excited to be a part of this year’s NESU-Finland board! I’ve studied in Tallinn before, but nowadays you can find me in Lappeenranta. This is my fourth year studying and I have been participating in NESU more or less the whole time. The last couple of years have been the most important ones – being a part of NESU Estonia’s board and making meaningful friendships throughout the organization.

Three conferences, too many Sitz parties, and countless crazy memories after I am determinate that this year is going to be a fantastic one. Therefore, I am glad to be the one organizing the next Wappurundi. Even if it is still months away, I can already feel it coming!! 😉 

Let’s rock this year like never before!

(In the picture I am on the top. That is me in my natural habitat, in NESU-Enklaavi’s Sitz party.)


Sanni Lehtonen, Corporate Relations

Hi y’all!

My name is Sanni Lehtonen. I’m a third-year student from the one and only (or at least the original) neon yellow student organization Enklaavi. This upcoming year I will be taking care of corporate relations of NESU-Finland. This is the first time in years that NESU-Finland actually has corporate relations coordinator. It makes me at the same time super excited but also a bit nervous.

I’ve always been a bit of a social butterfly and I love to meet new people. Meeting people all around Finland and Nordics was the thing that caught my attention back in 2018 when I was a freshman. A couple of years later I have visited every NESU city, been to two conferences, worked as the Project Coordinator of NESU-Enklaavi, and got so many friends and memories. Do I have any regrets? Not even one!

NESU has put me in situations where I would have never ended up without it. Would I have ever before thought it’s a good idea to travel nine hours to Oulu just to attend one Sitz party? Or traveled to Tallinn for four days with basically some strangers? Probably not but that is the great beauty of NESU. You love NESU so much that you do crazy things nobody understands except for other NESUits.

I’m so excited to begin this year!!